Executive Director’s Corner – August 2013

Welcome to Director’s Corner August 2013 edition.  We verify Trusted ID system actors, build markets, enable communities, influence stakeholders, and give our members competitive industry visibility.  That’s not all we do. We share one common goal: to collaborate to develop and operate services that enable use of high-value trusted identity credentials.

As Executive Director (ED) of Kantara Initiative, I get to enjoy a full overview of the activities and achievements of the organization and our Members.  Below are some of the recent highlights.


  • ISO/ITU-T: Next activities on the way in preparation of Liaison Statements. This activity is only available as a benefit of membership. Not a Member? Join  now.
  • EHNAC / DirectTrust: MoUs complete and PR has been published.  The next actions will take place under the HIAWG TigerTeam.  If you’d like to get involved join HIAWG.
  • IDESG: MoU complete. Kantara is the first formal liaison of IDESG.  We look forward to collaborating!

What’s new in Kantara?

  • NSTIC Resilient Network: We are moving forward to begin work to identify a set of Service Assessment Criteria that is applicable to actors in the Resilient Network.  This work will take place as part of a sub-team of the IAWG.  If you have interest in participating please join the IAWG or contact the ED.
  • HIAWG: HIAWG TigerTeam draft to determine feasibility of inter-Trust Framework recognition.
  • UMA: Crowdtilt campagin has tilted to build OAuth 2.0 and OpenID plug-ins for apache server.  This is a core component to “hook-up” UMA.
  • IDoTDG: The newest group with in Kantara, only 2 meetings thus far and IDoT is already creating a buzz. Join now to be an early contributor.

Who’s joining?

The list is growing.  Join your peers, competitors, and customers now.

  • MedAllies
  • Resilient Network
  • Dr Jeremy Creasy
  • ForgeRock upgrades to Trustee

Our Members do Big things in ID!


  • LC: The LC asks all WG/DGs leadership to fill out the new shorter version status reports.  Please return to LC@ mail list.
  • LC: Building from the leadership retreat the LC ask all WGs to update their charter to be aligned with the new draft “why” statement of Kantara.  Updates to charters are due in to LC by Sept 25.  See the Leadership Retreat Summary for more details.
  • Interns: The LC is seeking academic or new career types who would like to help Kantara and learn about industry standards consortia development.  Kantara Initiative has great opportunities for individuals interested in Identity, Trust, Privacy – and industry standards consortia in general. We can’t offer credit (yet) but we can give provide a letter of recommendation to successful candidates. If you know a student or individual who would be interested to participate contact the ED.

Events we’re pondering:

  • Event Planning Radar: An Event Radar page has been created to track events where Kantara should put its energy and resources toward participation.  Please note this page tactical and to be used to determine where we put our resources.  Members can add events for consideration of Kantara participation by editing the page (using their wiki credential) or contacting staff @ kantarainitiative.org. The community calendar lists group meetings as well as any, and all, events we can capture that touch the IdM/IAM spaces.  The community and meeting calendar is not tactical but informational.
  • Oct 14 – Workshop: Panels and discussions around Trusted IDX at the Smart Card Alliance on Oct 14.
  • Oct 15-16 User Centric ID Live: Various Kantara speakers.  ED speaking in regard to Drivers and Innovators of Identity Management.
  • Oct 31-Nov 1 – UMA IOP1: Hosted at MIT, sponsored by ForgeRock and others this ad-hoc event will test interop of UMA features in context of OAuth 2.0 and OIDC. More information.
  • Nov 10-11 – Plenary: Planned for Nov 10-11 in the vicinity of IETF in Vancouver, BC.