CA Technologies, IBM Corporation, SAP AG and UNINETT pass Kantara Initiative SAML 2.0 Full-Matrix Interoperability Testing

Kantara Initiative today announced that identity management products from CA Technologies, IBM Corporation, SAP AG, and UNINETT passed the Kantara Initiative SAML 2.0 Full-Matrix Interoperability testing.

Piscataway, NJ – May 10, 2011 – Kantara Initiative sponsored the test event for the purpose of testing the interoperability of implementations in accordance with the SAML 2.0 specifications. The event was conducted by the Drummond Group Inc. (DGI) with oversight from the Kantara Interoperability Review Board (IRB). The Web-based full-matrix testing allows vendors to participate from anywhere in the world and features rigorous processes for ensuring products meet SAML 2.0 interoperability requirements for open, secure and privacy-respecting federated identity management. The testing itself was conducted from January 10 to March 1, 2011.

SAML 2.0 has proven to be critical to how cross-domain security is enabled both between enterprises and between enterprises and cloud service providers,” said Matthew Gardiner, director at CA Technologies and president of Kantara Initiative. “Organizations can count on the Kantara Initiative testing process to certify products that have proven to meet rigorous interoperability requirements. This certification process should serve as a key business enabler as more and more sensitive applications cross Web domains.

This is the first SAML full-matrix interoperability test event sponsored by the Kantara Initiative, continuing the program it inherited from the Liberty Alliance. Full-matrix testing is the best means to verify product group interoperability as it verifies that every product can successfully interact and interoperate with the other products in the test group using the test criteria. This test marked the second time the SAML 2.0 eGovernment (eGov) Profile, Version 1.5, was included in the event. The eGov profile was produced as a result of a multi-government effort to create a SAML conformance profile for government-centric identity management.

CA Technologies is especially pleased to receive the Kantara Initiative’s SAML 2.0 certification for CA Federation Manager. CA Technologies supports the important role that the SAML standard has in providing enhanced security for organizations as they take advantage of the rapidly growing market for Cloud services and other identity-centric services on the Internet.” said Ellen Newlands, CA Technologies Product Manager and Kantara Interoperability Review Board Co-Chair.

The SAML 2.0 interoperability certification is beneficial for vendors to test and validate standards based implementation of federation capabilities and help support customer’s heterogeneous IT environment and business needs,” said Ravi Srinivasan, Program Director, IBM Security Solutions.

Support of identity federation and SAML 2.0 are critical to many SAP customers”, states Michael Friedrich, Vice President for Security and Identity Management at SAP AG, “and it is a crucial step to execute on SAP’s strategy to offer on demand applications and allow for secure access and Single Sign-On between on premise and on demand offerings in heterogeneous landscapes. With the SAML support in SAP NetWeaver Application Server ABAP 7.02 and with that also in the highest SAP Business Suite 7i2010 release as well as with the latest version of SAP NetWeaver Identity Management, SAP has done a major step in enhancing its products to allow customers to implement standards-based, interoperable and cross domain Single Sign-On and reduce administrative effort and TCO.”

For UNINETT, complying with open standards is very important, and we’ve been working for open standards on the Internet ever since we were founded,” says CEO Petter Kongshaug, UNINETT. “UNINETT operates the national identity infrastructure for education and research, and for our customers it’s reassuring to know that our common infrastructure is based upon state of the art software. The Kantara testing programme has been very useful to us.”

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List of Participants:
CA Technologies
· Implementation: CA Federation Manager –
· Specific model/version: 12.5
· Profiles: IdP Lite, SP Lite, eGov 1.5

IBM Corporation
· Implementation: IBM Tivoli Federated Identity Manager –
· Specific model/version: Version 6 Release 2
· Profiles: IDP, IDP Lite, SP, SP Lite, eGov 1.5, POST Binding

· Implementation: NetWeaver Application Server –
· Specific model/version: ABAP 7.02
· Profiles: SP Lite, eGov 1.5

· Implementation: NetWeaver Identity Management –
· Specific model/version: 7.2
· Profiles: IDP, IDP Lite, SP, SP Lite, eGov 1.5, POST Binding

· Implementation: SimpleSAMLphp –
· Specific model/version: Version 1.8
· Profiles: IDP Lite, SP Lite

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