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Dear Members and Community,
Welcome to the Kantara Initiative Director’s Corner newsletter for the 3rd quarter of 2014. In this installment we provide a recap of recent events, connections, news, and opportunities. We have some great news to share about our membership and we’ve participated in some great F2F and virtual events.
We’re pleased to present the Kantara Initiative IoT & Identity Strategic Series of workshops. This workshop series connects leaders, partners, and competitors alike to share information around the intersection of IoT, Identity, and Access Management. Positioned in the East and West coasts of the US and in the hub of Utrecht, Netherlands, the series of events has connected leaders to share use cases, successes, and strategies across industries and jurisdictions. This series has also focused on the economics, market building, and risk profiles associated with the Identity layer of IoT.
Thanks for connecting with us – Joni Brennan, Executive Director, Kantara Initiative

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Spotlight: Kantara Board Member CA Technologies

“We have always believed that a collaborative and open environment for creating industry standards provides significant benefits to our customers, and therefore to us. The mission and membership of Kantara supports these goals of collaboration and innovation, and therefore we continue to strongly support and remain active in its activities.”

Event: Right to Be Forgotten – Savior or Unworkable Solution

September 30, 2014, Virtual Hangout
In today’s connected society, many people fear that personal data privacy is dead. Social media platforms such as: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, etc. all require users to create online profiles and divulge personal information about themselves (accurate or not). Put social media aside; even simple internet users who have managed to avoid social media platforms are still vulnerable if they choose to use on-line services for shopping, email, or simply to browse. There is an underlying concept that users will eventually be logged in to some site at some time and this mere trend of ‘constant authentication’ aids in the tracking of users’ personal identifiable data and usage habits. So what can we do to defend ourselves against invasions of our privacy with regard to our digital identities?
In our last installment in this series on privacy, we touched upon this idea of data access control in the age of the Internet of Things but the European Union’s recent ruling on the ‘Right to Be Forgotten’ legislation is making media headlines due to the challenges in implementation and enforcement.
Joni Brennan (IEEE-SA Trust and Identity Technology Evangelist & Kantara Initiative, Executive Director), moderated a stellar panel including: FrĂ©dĂ©ric Donck (Director of the Internet Society’s European Regional Bureau), John C. Havens (Founder of The H(app)athon Project), and Steve Wilson (Vice President and Principal Analyst at Constellation Research).

Press: Kantara Initiative Awards ID.me CSP Trustmark Grant

September 11, 2014, Piscataway, NJ, USA
Kantara Initiative announced the Grant of Kantara Initiative Service Approval Trustmark to the ID.me Credential Service Provider (CSP) service operating at Level of Assurance 1, 2 and 3. ID.me was assessed against the Identity Assurance Framework – Service Assessment Criteria (IAF-SAC) as well as the Identity Credential Access Management (ICAM) Additional Criteria by Kantara Accredited Assessor Electrosoft.
A global organization, Kantara Initiative Accredits Assessors, Approves Credential and Component Service Providers (CSPs) at Levels of Assurance 1, 2 and 3 to issue and manage trusted credentials for ICAM and industry Trust Framework ecosystems. The broad and unique cross section of industry and multi-jurisdictional stakeholders, within the Kantara Membership, have the opportunity to develop new Trust Frameworks as well as to create profiles of the core Identity Assurance Framework for applicability to their communities of trust.

ISOC: Inter-Fed & Attributes Harmonization Workshops

September 2-4, 2014, Utrecht, Netherlands
Kantara Initiative Leadership and Members attended the Internet Society (ISOC) Inter-Federation and Attributes Management Harmonization workshop kindly hosted by SURFnet in Utrecht, Netherlands.
This activity was planned as a series of two workshops (one directly following the other) to bring together leaders and innovators of all types to present, discuss, and harmonize around the emerging areas of research and development of inter-federation (connection of one or more federations) and attributes management.
Inter-federation is our next frontier as innovators with in identity and access management standards, research, and education development. Leaders from around the world discussed inter-federation from the high-level view of “where are we now” to deeper level view on context setting and understanding as well as a focus toward more complex scenarios where Identity Assurance crosses national borders and concepts of Assurance of attributes.

Kantara Initiative: Access, Consent, & Control in the IoT

September 4-5, 2014, Utrecht, Netherlands
Kantara Initiative leaders and innovators gathered in Utrecht, Netherlands September 4th-5th.  In an event kindly hosted by SURFnet and sponsored by Forgerock, leaders from the Kantara Initiative IDentities of Things (IDoT), User Managed Access (UMA), and Consent and Information Sharing (CIS) Open Notice Groups presents 1.5 days of Identity and IoT innovation harmonization.
Areas of coverage included presentations of use cases and demos that focused on the Identity layer of IoT.  Specifically, the event addressed access control, notice, and consent with regard to contextual Identity systems.  Leaders discussed these topics ranging from user-centric to enterprise and industrial access. The event provided and excellent opportunity to connect with peers, partners, and competitors.

Kantara Initiative: IoT & Access Control Workshop

September 17, 2014, Mountain View, California, USA
In a world of increasing network connectivity that interacts with more and more active and passive sensors, data is generated, managed, and consumed in mass.  Industry experts will discuss findings regarding standardization of the IoT space and where possible gaps exist. This Kantara Initiative event focused to provide a review of use cases and demos as well as implications of identity and personal identifiable information (PII) within the IoT space.
There are many initiatives in the IoT space and knowing where to go can be a challenge.  Our goal for this event was to connect broad IoT facing experts with Identity & IoT experts. Kantara Initiative’s Identities of Things (IDoT) group is leading the way for the intersection of IoT and Identity. With this opportunity we connected connect IEEE communities with Identity communities through our Kantara workshop. We we’re proud to partner with the IEEE-SA as one of the leaders in standardization of IoT.  The Kantara Initiative event provided the perfect “warm-up” for the IEEE-SA event on the following days.

IEEE-SA IoT Workshop 2014

September 18-19, 2014, Mountain View, California, USA
The IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA) hosted an Internet of Things (IoT) Workshop, 18-19 September 2014 in Silicon Valley, Calif. During the two-day event, attendees explored the dynamics of the IoT markets and the convergence of platforms and services, with a special focus on the need for an even more interdisciplinary approach to the design of products and services for the IoT markets.
Kantara Initiative Leadership and Members participated in a panel to discuss the emerging landscape of issues that are at the intersection of IoT and Identity Management. Topics discussed included: concerns around management and security of personal data generated by IoT devices, how to secure IoT with regard to device and user identity, and benefits of converging communities to focus on interoperability standards and testing. Kantara Initiative Executive Director Joni Brennan moderated a panel with participants from: Allan Foster (ForgeRock), Ingo Friese (Deutche Telekom), and Mary Hodder (Independent).

Kantara Initiative: TSCP Identity and IoT Workshop

Today, having an Identity Management strategy is not only an IT need but rather it is a business priority. Identity and Identity Access Management is evolving and connecting to your customers, citizens, and partners means the difference between business as usual and business building innovation. Identity Relationship Management provides a common language for the evolution of identity as a driver of revenue. Building upon data context and the emerging Internet of Things, with respect for user control of data sharing, identity is now a powerful connection tool that fosters and supports relationships.
The group discussed high-level concepts around the modularity and adaptability that is needed to perform in today’s environment while maintaining appropriate access control. These concepts are internationally scoped as core business drivers moving beyond basic IT solutions and risk management. This event will focus on innovation of enterprise, small business, and governments’ services.

  • Thanks: to TSCP for inviting Kantara Leaders to provide a workshop.
  • Thanks: to Kantara Board Member Experian Public Sector for convening the event.
  • Details: http://bit.ly/Z9FsIA