During RSA Conference, IEEE will be sponsoring a roundtable dinner on February 25th with a cross section of industry and policy experts to debate the current nature of technological change as it relates to identity and personal data, both now in the coming years.  We’ll discuss:

  • The pace of innovation and how that is warping the individual sense of identity and privacy
  • The passive collection of massive volumes of data through almost any device or service, and the inherent issues for individuals and organizations
  • What happens when users become more aware of the downsides of this reality
  • The potential backlash and the considerable risk this presents to industry, government and economies for significant disruption

When everyday items come equipped with some or all of the five senses combined with computing and communication capabilities, concepts of data request and data consent risk are quickly outdated. As individuals become more aware, who’s role is it to foster an understanding of the best policies, responsibilities and ownership?
This roundtable will include leaders from; CA (Michelle Waugh), IDESG (Peter Brown), Experian (Philippe de Raet), ForgeRock (Daniel Raskin) and NSTIC National Program Office. The panel will be moderated by Kantara Initiative ED, Joni Brennan. They will explore these topics in the context of defining and managing identity and personal data in an increasingly connected world and what the future holds for identity.