We have updated the Kantara Initiative FAQ page

We've recently updated the Kantara Initiative FAQ with responses to 2 questions which have come up since our Call For Participation on Monday - April 20th, 2009.

We’ve recently updated the Kantara Initiative FAQ, please visit our FAQ where we answer many questions including the following 2 questions which have come up since our Call For Participation on Monday.

Why was Kantara Initiative formed?

Kantara Initiative was formed by leaders of foundations and associations working on various aspects of digital identity, aka “the Venn of Identity,” to be robust and well-funded focal point for collaboration to address industry issues we all share: Interoperability and Compliance Testing; Identity Assurance; Policy and Legal Issues; Privacy; Ownership and Liability; UX and Usability; Cross-Community Coordination and Collaboration; Education and Outreach; Market Research; Use Cases and Requirements; Harmonization; and Tool Development.

What organizations are currently participating in Kantara Initiative?

Kantara Initiative has been co-formed by the DataPortability Project, the Concordia Project, Liberty Alliance, the Internet Society (ISOC), the Information Card Foundation (ICF), OpenLiberty.org and XDI.org. All of these organizations are now members of Kantara Initiative. The name of the organization was announced during the April 20 Identity Workshop at RSA Conference 2009, at which time the co-founders introduced key goals, benefits to the industry, and issued a formal call for participation. Many other individuals and organizations have also become members of Kantara Initiative. Kantara Initiative will release a full list of members once industry stakeholders have the opportunity to respond to the April 20 call for participation.
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