UMA Public Review

Another milestone has been reached by the User Managed Access (UMA) WG to develop specs that let an individual control the authorization of data sharing and service access made between online services on the individual’s behalf, and to facilitate interoperable implementations of the specs. To learn more about UMA in general please see the WG homepage for helpful information.
We announce with pleasure that public review is open for two UMA documents. The UMA Participant IPR review and public comment period will close upon 45 days of initiation – February 20. We invite the public to review the documents and share comments for consideration of the UMA WG.

Options for Comment:

  1. Use the comment form available
  2. Use the pro forma and return to support (at) with the subject COMMENT SUBMISSION
  3. IPR Claims may be sent to support (at) with the subject IPR CLAIM

IPR Note:
UMA-WG Participants are required to review to make IPR claims regarding the documents by using the comment pro forma. Non-UMA-WG Participants have no IPR licensing obligation to these documents.