Trust Framework Model and IdM Summit – produced by Kantara Initiative and OIX

When: May 13, 2011, 9am-2pm
Where: Dolce Ballhaus Forum, Andreas-Danzer-Weg, 85716 Unterschleißheim, Munich, Germany (at the European Identity Conference 2011).
What: 2011 brings new opportunities for identity services in the enterprise & consumer markets. Gain state-of-identity insight through a series of presentations of common scenarios from diverse market leaders.
Join us at this jointly produced Summit where we will focus on the Trust Framework Model and explain in detail how this model works to solve many issues surrounding identity with special regard to governments and private sector success stories, use cases and projects. The Trust Framework Model is technology agnostic and provides a means for varying current and emerging technologies, governments and organizations to assure trust through certified credential issuance.
Additionally, the event will present IdM related discussions and particularly highlight Telecommunications industry concerns and activities.
We are also looking forward to hearing feedback and questions from the audience as input to the discussions.
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