Spotlight on Leif Johansson

Leif Johansson is the Chair of the Kantara Initiative Assurance Review Board and sits on Kantara Initiative Assurance Review Board Kantara’s Interoperability Review Board.
He is also the co-chair of the IETF ABFAB working group, a member of Internet2 MACE & Terena ECAM. He is the SUNET contact for the Kantara Initiative as well as a contributor/owner of various open source-projects.
Leif comes from Sweden and is a system specialist at NORDUNet A/S working on digital identity and federation for SUNET (the Swedish University Network) and the Swedish government.
Leif is the chair of the ABFAB working group in the IETF is the author of several internet drafts and an active participant in various Terena activities.
Leif is a participant in other Terena activities such as SCS, refeds,TCS, tf-ace, tf-emc2 and tf-mnm. He is the author of internet-drafts on Kerberos server information models and HTTP authentication using GSS-API.
Leif is a member of the technical team for the Swedish Alliance for Middleware Infrastructure (SWAMI) and a member of the technical reference group of the Swedish University Network (SUNET). He is also part of the operations team for the SWAMI identity federation, responsible for the technical operation of SAML federation.
Leif has a background in mathematics and has co-authored papers on topics ranging from identity management to scientific papers in mathematics where he has conducted research in the field of A_{inf} spaces.
Leif lives just north of Stockholm with his wife and 3 kids and enjoys (cooking) good food. He also likes to sample local brews when traveling.
We’re proud to have Leif’s participation and leadership – his knowledge and experience is appreciated.