Spotlight on Kantara Member Troop ID

Troop ID

In this edition of Spotlight we are pleased to tell readers more about Kantara Initiative Member Troop ID, their unique role in IdM, and why they joined us in Kantara Initiative.

Tell us about Troop ID, why was the service created, and how is it providing real-world value today?

We founded Troop ID after we observed that service members and veterans couldn’t access their benefits online or in an efficient manner. For example, we noticed a leading technology company had donated free eLearning vouchers to veterans but required them to show up in-person with their paperwork at a Department of Labor office to claim them. We also noticed that almost every brand that offered military and veteran discounts in-store did not offer them online. Once we realized that service members and veterans didn’t have a way to prove their eligibility — and that businesses were too concerned about fraud to extend benefits through digital channels without verification — we built Troop ID. Troop ID is a Single Sign On that empowers service members and veterans to verify their military status and to rapidly prove their eligibility to Relying Parties who integrate the widget. Currently, Troop ID powers programs for Under Armour, Overstock, Tough Mudder, United States Department of Veterans Affairs, uShip and more name brands.

Tell us where Troop ID is envisioned to be in the next 5-10 years?

We see Troop ID evolving into a powerful proof point for a new, more normal, status quo where end users have complete control of their digital identity and marketers channel dollars to end users in the forms of perks and benefits to incentivize a transparent exchange of information rather than paying companies for data without user oversight. In terms of tangible use cases, we would like to see Troop ID powering a spectrum of transactions from retail discounts to remote access to medical records for Veterans Affairs. We also like to imagine we will make life less enjoyable for all those non-military individuals who claim to be Navy SEALs or Army Rangers — and Congress need not risk infringing First Amendment rights through the Stolen Valor act to accomplish that endstate for our technology will solve the problem.

Tell us why Troop ID joined Kantara Initiative and what your experience has been work with Kantara Initiative and its members?

We joined the Kantara Initiative because we believe that standards will ultimately provide the common foundation that allows the identity ecosystem to thrive. Given the fluid, fast moving nature of the digital identity industry, we felt it was of paramount importance to have a seat at the table as standards emerge and are codified. We are so happy we chose Kantara as our Trust Framework. The leadership team at Kantara has been incredibly responsive and helpful.

Anything else we should know about Troop ID, the service or even your own experiences?

Starting a new company from scratch is a monumental effort. Over the last three years, we have leaned heavily on our military training and our experiences operating in ambiguous environments in combat to keep moving forward ad growing. Still, despite all of our work, we would never have been able to grow as quickly as we have without the support of individuals who have mentored us and organizations who take the time to feature us to their partners and communities. We are grateful for all the support we have received and we are cognizant that our status as veterans has opened many doors for us that might have otherwise been closed. With that in mind, we’d like to say, “Thank You,” for welcoming us into the Kantara community and for giving us a boost as we strike to make a positive impact in the lives of service members, veterans and their families.