Spotlight on Inflection EPCS – Credential Service Provider (Full Service)

Inflection EPCS

1. In which sector(s) and country(ies) do you operate?

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, California, Inflection’s products and services empower companies to make better and faster decisions about who to hire, who to trust, and who to provide access. For more than a decade, the company has organized billions of public records into solutions that verify identities and check backgrounds while safeguarding the privacy of sensitive data. Inflection operates in the United States across multiple industry sectors.

As a member of the Kantara Initiative, Inflection is a Credential Service Provider (CSP) at Level of Assurance 3 (LOA3) certification for Inflection’s Electronically Prescribed Controlled Substance (EPCS) identity-proofing service, which specifically targets the Healthcare sector.

2. What is your current market focus and what needs and areas of concern does your service/product address?

The EPCS system enables prescribers — physicians and healthcare practitioners — to write and transmit prescriptions for controlled substances electronically to increase safety and security. For prescribers to enroll in EPCS, the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) requires identity verification. However, remote physicians and healthcare practitioners may be unable, or may not have time, to travel to a physical location to verify their identity. In partnership with DUO Security, Inflection’s identity proofing for EPCS is a secure technology solution that makes it simple for physicians to remotely fulfill the identity proofing requirements of EPCS, including two-factor authentication (2FA).

3. In what ways does your service/product push beyond the state-of- the- art?

Inflection identity-proofing uses multi-factor authentication technology that includes a partnership with Plaid to securely verify users’ identities using bank data in addition to knowledge-based answers. The seamless process enables healthcare providers to easily provide online DEA-compliant identity verification in less time and with minimal hassle.

4. Where do you see the market trending in the mid/long term and how do you see your product/service playing into it?

EPCS is gaining popularity across the country in both the public and private sector as an effective way to control prescription fraud for controlled substances like opiods. As more states and private companies mandate electronic prescriptions for controlled substances (as of January 1, Walmart no longer accepts paper prescriptions for controlled substances), hospitals and healthcare organizations will need a way to enroll remote physicians and healthcare practitioners in EPCS, and the demand for Inflection’s DEA-compliant identity-proofing solution will increase.

The DEA guidelines around the electronic prescription of controlled substances require identity proofing at Level of Assurance 3. As a federally approved CSP, certified by the DEA and FICAM (Federal Identity Credential & Access Management), Inflection’s healthcare customers gain peace of mind knowing their identity proofing solutions meet EPCS compliance requirements.

5. Why were you motivated to join Kantara Initiative and how do you see it helping your organization specifically, and the digital economy as a whole?

Inflection joined the Kantara Initiative to show our customers we are dedicated to securely performing identity verification and are meeting the standards put forth by the US Government for the integrity of our EPCS platform. The Kantara Initiative plays an important role in building a better, safer digital economy by setting standards for identity solutions in the market, and giving customers confidence in the solutions they’re choosing.

6. What other significant aspects about your organization (service/product) should our global community know about?

In addition to identity proofing for EPCS, Inflection provides background checks for Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)-regulated and non-FCRA use cases to help create a layer of trust between online and offline interactions.

Inflection’s Trust & Safety solutions are modular and application program interface (API)-driven, designed to give businesses unparalleled flexibility in how and where they perform risk screening and identity verification. Our suite of identity verification, fraud prevention, and risk assessment products can be combined in multiple configurations, allowing customers to block suspected malicious users, while also providing a low-friction user experience for trustworthy ones.

Inflection’s FCRA-compliant employment screening solution is GoodHire, an online platform that enables employers to manage their employment screening program efficiently and with less hassle than legacy solutions. GoodHire’s intuitive workflows and automated processes allow employers to quickly and easily order background checks for candidates, review results, and make informed decisions based on reliable, accurate, and compliant data.

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