Kantara Initiative NSTIC Pilots in Motion Day Grows ID Market Harmonization

Five leading NSTIC Pilots came together on January 30th to share their lessons learned, use cases, and innovations under the Kantara Initiative banners of openness, collaboration, and harmonization.

The NSTIC Pilots are an exciting evolving space within Identity Management activities today.  While these activities have a US centric focus, due to their activities as part of the US NSTIC National Program approach, lessons learned and innovations brought by the pilots have far reaching impact and applicability.  Each Pilot that presented is part of their involvement in the Kantara Initiative community. Kantara Initiative’s role for the day was in alignment with our mission around harmonization of innovations across sectors and borders.
Philippe de Raet of Experian Public Sector, a Kantara Initiative Board Member, opened the day and set the tone of market growth through harmonization and collaboration of leaders in the space.  The 40 diverse industry leaders in attendance enjoyed a welcome from NSTIC NPO Senior Executive Advisor, Jeremy Grant, who reinforced the strategic importance of the Pilots and the benefits they are already bringing to industry. Aligned with Kantara Initiative’s international mandate, the group benefited from a special virtual update from the Federal Government of Canada, a Kantara Initiative Board Member.
This event provided a special opportunity for harmonization giving each pilot a full hour to present their findings, successes, and to answer questions from attendees.
View presentations from leading Kantara Initiative community active NSTIC Pilots:

The day concluded with a short update from the USPS regarding FCCX.  Kantara Initiative thanked NIST US Federal Department of Commerce for providing the space and special thanks to the Internet Society, a Kantara Board Member, who has been a leader enabling Kantara Initiative’s mission of open harmonization of trust and identity initiatives.

We hope you will join us for similar events to come in the Kantara Initiative 2014 industry harmonization series!