New leadership for Kantara Initiative Japan Work Group

Congratulations to Yamada Tatsushi who will serve as the new Japan WG Chair.
The focus of the Japan WG is to promote the education and adoption of Kantara Initiative deliverables in the Japanese market and government. The Japan WG also generate best practice guidelines, suggestions and technical recommendations that feed into appropriate Kantara Initiative Work Groups (WGs) to make Kantara Initiative deliverables better suited to thrive in the Japanese market environment.
Yamada is Manager of R&D Head Quarters working at NTT DATA for 22 years. He created and operated NTT DATA’s internal identity management infrastructure for 8 years and served as product manager of VANADIS Identity Manager/VANADIS SSO product line. Yamada has a bachelor’s degree in urban planning from the University of Tokyo 1988.
Yamada can be reached at yamadatt[at]nttdata[dot]co[dot]jp or hackedudesan at Twitter or yamada.tatsushi at Facebook.
Please join in welcoming Yamada – we look forward to his strong leadership and the continued work of the Japan WG.