Maciej Machulak – Innovators Under 35

Maciej Machulak – Innovator Under 35

This week we are extra proud of the work of one of our most key contributors – Maciej Machulak.  Recently Maciej was named one of 2015’s Innovators Under 35 for is work to develop UMA.
Maciej is the UMA WG vice-chair and in this role his commitment and passion has been integral to the success of the protocol development to date.  He, along with Eve Maler, have been key driving forces as leadership within the UMA WG. This leadership has inspired all of the UMAnitarians to come together for the purpose of providing users, governments, and enterprise the needed tools for a user-centric approach to resource sharing.

In an announcement from Innovators Under 35 Machulak explains, “UMA´s protocol is very flexible: for example you can choose to share a photograph not only with one specific person but also with anyone who will comply with the conditions imposed by the user, such as personal use only, or deleting the photo after a week and the authorizations manager can, in the event of an infraction, provide legal help to pursue anyone who has accessed the content and violated the conditions”.

We are so proud to have Maciej as a key part of our Kantara community and we hope you’ll join us in congratulating Maciej on his achievement. We can’t wait to see how much more you will accomplish! Keep that star shinning Maciej!!

– On the behalf of Kantara Initiative
Joni Brennan, Executive Director