Announcing Liaison with OASIS eGov MS

The Kantara Initiative (KI) and OASIS are pleased to announce that the KI eGov Work Group (WG) and the OASIS eGov Member Section (MS) have established a Liaison relationship.
The scope of this liaison relationship is to foster the aligned interests of both groups such that the OASIS eGov MS becomes the first point of contact/filter for works coming out of the KI eGov WG that flow into OASIS Technical Committees (TCs) and other Member Sections. Likewise, the KI eGov WG shall become the first point of KI contact for works flowing out of the OASIS eGov MS. This informal relationship will enable the KI eGov WG and the OASIS eGov MS to build a view of the landscape of identity and access management standards within KI and OASIS that have an ‘eGov’ factor.
The liaison relationship between the KI eGov WG and the OASIS eGov MS is seen as the first of a number of such liaisons. Near-term communications revolve around the eGov Profile v2 work underway, and any impact it might have for the OASIS Security Services TC regarding SAML use in eGov scenarios. Some discussions to this effect have already been raised.
To foster the discussions between the OASIS eGov MS and KI eGov WG, each group will appoint a joint liaison officer and generate a monthly report/update of each other’s activities including pointers to work on the horizon.
The Kantara Initiative and OASIS extend congratulations to both groups on their efforts to foster what will be a meaningful and productive liaison for eGov standards. We look forward to exciting work from both groups.
For more information on how to become involved in the KI eGov WG please visit their home page here
For more information on how to become involved in the OASIS eGov MS please visit this page