Kantara Initiative: “An Optimized Identity Forum for Solving Technology and Policy Interoperability”

Last month Brett McDowell, executive director of Liberty Alliance, spent some time with Zack Martin of Avisian discussing the history, preliminary goals and early members of Kantara Initiative.  The ten minute podcast offers a great overview of the new organization and dives into the potential use cases and technology, policy and privacy issues the Kantara Initiative community will look to address and solve.


With a focus on the end user, the people who actually use identity solutions, Martin asks McDowell if a person will ever be able to use the same identity on their Facebook page as they would to log into their bank account. McDowell explains that these are the type of scenarios Kantara Initiative was formed to tackle, so that a person may be able to assert their identity – along with the appropriate security and privacy requirements — to any identity-enabled application.


If you’re looking to get up to speed on Kantara Initiative, or wondering where you may want to participate, this two-part series is a great introduction. Check it out on the Digital ID News site here.