This page is a running list of Action Items associated with the IAWG. The list includes Agenda items to be scheduled in upcoming IAWG meetings.


Action Items

Legend: OBE= Overtaken By Events

Item #DescriptionAssigned toEst. CompletionStatus

Reinstate action item log

Scott Shorter2016-04-19Complete
2016-04-07-02Ping Jenn Behrens about privacy criteriaScott Shorter2016-04-20Complete
2016-04-07-03Distribute current version of statement of requirementsKen Dagg / Scott Shorter2016-04-19Complete
2016-04-07-04Charter reviewAndrew Hughes2016-04-19Complete



Old Action Items

Item #DescriptionAssigned toEst. CompletionStatus

Determine if IAWG meeting time can be changed to avoid meeting conflicts with other WGs. Poll IAWG participants for new meeting time. Proposed Thursdays, noon EST.

2014-01-31: Poll results affirmative for change to Thursdays, Noon, EST. Calendar has been updated.

Andrew Hughes2014-01-16Complete
2014-01-09-002Add Report on Safe Harbour regulations impacts and implications for Kantara IAF to IAWG RoadmapAndrew Hughes2014-01-16Assigned

Review approval status of IAF 3450 (S3A) - was it ever actually approved?

2014-01-09: S3A is an ARB document. Myisha to inform ARB of usability issues and other potential improvements.


2014 01 13Assigned

Email KI Community reminder about SAC v3.1bis 45 day Comment Period close date (17:00 PST, January 30, 2014)

2014-01-30: Periodic reminders were sent to KI Community up until comment period close.

Andrew HughesJanuary 30 2014Complete

Draft an opinion or report regarding application of our program(s) toward Safe Harbour regulations.

Refer to J. Brennan email request:

2014-01-09: IAWG does not believe that a report is required at this time. An estimate of work effort to develop a Report in the future if the need arises would be prudent. Myisha to send IAWG List a request for volunteer to prepare analysis and estimate.


Arrange for text from                      Kantara Annual Conformity Review Discussion (1).doc                 to be incorporated into AAS.

~2014-01-09: Brief email discussion on work required.

Andrew Hughes

Richard Wilsher

2013-12-12-002Kantara Initiative Staff to add HIMSS event to Event Radar pageKantara Initiative Staff31 December 2013Assigned
2013-12-12-001Publish                      Kantara IAF-5463 SEAG (WG Report) v0-1.docx                  on the IAWG siteAndrew Hughes31 December 2013Not started

High level presentation / overview to IAWG on Resilient Trust Networks approach and plans.

2013-Nov-7: Work will kick off in earnest 2014Q1

Myisha to do

Resilient Network Systems or PKHJanuary 2014Planned for January

Submit discussion thread about interpretation of credential "disable" term to the Ticket system for formal disposition.

  • (26Sep2013): Andrew surfaced link to the Ticket system on the IAWG wiki page to make it easier for people to submit items
  • (2013Oct9): no action yet - waiting for updates to Ticket system by staff. On Hold.
  • (2013Nov21): Staff have provided instructions to IAWG on use of Ticket system. This item can proceed.
Andrew Hughes31 December 2013In Progress

Forward Ticket items that have been resolved to correct lists for next action.

  • (29Aug2013): Sent request to Staff to clarify process.
  • (12Sep2013): Staff to discuss process for updates internally.
  • (26Sep2013): Still under discussion internally. On Hold.
  • (21Nov2013): Operating Procedures state that WGs appoint an Editor for updates. Advise LC/BoT that staff support might be required to support this activity. Richard Wilsher volunteers to take on the Editor role.
Andrew Hughes

Updated: 31 December 2013

In Progress

Chair to discuss with Exec. Director the need for a Content Management System analysis and potential tool for IAF/SAC & funding options

  • (2013-Jun-20): Discussion occurred; vision has been always to have a CMS - possibly a database with online self-serve document generation capability (in whichever output format is needed); team will be needed to draw up a wireframe and requirements for a custom developed tool
  • (2013-Jun-27): Call for lead is required. Myisha to send a call to list for volunteer lead.
  • (2013-Aug-29): Call for lead has been put to the Quarterly Status report - will be distributed from there
  • (2013-Sep-12): No report
  • (2013-Sep-26): Early investigation indicates that Terena uses a system that looks promising - Terena lead available in November 2013. ARB has the same agenda item. Pause any activity on assessing systems until we are able to engage Terena. Proposed to continue seeking a Kantara lead. On hold.
Myisha Frazier-McElveenDecember 2013On hold.

IAWG-NIST F2F in DC area to discuss approach and feedback on 800-63 v IAF analysis approach

(2013-Aug-1): Comment that perhaps ICAM should be invited as well.

(2013-Oct-31): Will schedule for once the SAC is in Public Review.

Staff / IAWG LeadsTBDOn hold


Recently Closed Action Items

Item #DescriptionAssigned toEst. CompletionStatus

IAWG to discuss FICAM TFS Program updates and provide comments to Kantara Initiative Staff for consolidation into a Kantara response.

IAWG comments due to Kantara Initiative Staff: December 6 2013

(2013-12-06): IAWG Comments have been sent to Joni for incorporation.

IAWG6 December 2013Complete
2013-11-21-002Myisha to distribute comments spreadsheet to IAWG listMyisha Frazier McElveen
21 November 2013Complete

Schedule ad hoc IAWG meeting to continue discussion on comments for 6 December 2013 @ 10:00 EST (07:00 PST)

(2013Dec03): meeting invitation sent to IAWG list/calendar

Andrew Hughes28 November 2013Complete

Review new SAC draft for alignment to new Glossary, adjust as appropriate.

2013-Nov-7: Ken has retired - waiting for status update on his participation (Myisha to follow up)

2013-Nov-21: This activity will be rolled into the 45 day public review activity. Closed.


K. Dagg17 October 2013Action closed. OBE.

Prepare package of new SAC materials and send out for 45 day Public Review when ready.

2013-Nov-21: last section to be reviewed by IAWG. Completed on call.

R. Wilsher / Staff24 October 2013Complete

Locate and publish as appropriate, the ARB Document describing the required pattern of scope selection for annual SAC audits. May result in AAS change request.

2013-Nov-21: (complete) Document located - next step to provide to IAWG for review and decision about placement of content relative to IAF.


J. Brennan17 October 2013Complete

Staff to tweet/blog the call for volunteers for the RTN sub-group.

(2013-Nov-21: changed to OBE as work is well underway)

J. Brennan17 October 2013OBE

Discuss timetable for moving the IAF v4 to Public Review stage at next call

(2013Oct9): Decision made to move to 45 day public review stage for IAF once glossary alignment and final edits are complete. Closed.

Chair10 October 2013Closed

Richard Wilsher will submit a ticket for CO_ISM#090 removal. Richard & Rich will prepare discussion points on CO_ISM#090 for a vote on next IAWG call.

(2013Oct9): After lengthy discussion, resolved on-call that the original motion to remove CO_ISM#90 stands. Closed.

R. Wilsher10 October 2013Closed

Andrew to send out call for volunteers for subgroup. Patricia to provide content for the email.

(2013Oct9): No responses. Request made to tweet the request through channels. Closed.


Andrew Hughes / Patricia Hammar27 September 2013Closed.

Refer to LC for discussion:

  • Discussion about "Proposers" section - the initial ones are important (since this is not a group re-formation, but a charter refresh)
  • Refer to LC for discussion: do we want brand new proposers every revision? a record of the Chair/Vice at the time of the revision? or other?
  • (26Sep2013): Question about order of process: IAWG should vote on it first then LC votes on acceptance of it.
  • (3Oct2013): Include original Proposers in the charter and note this in the text. Closed.
Myisha Frasier-McElveen25 September 2013Closed

Glossary updates underway. Next draft should be available in 4 weeks

  • (11July2013): Defer item to future meeting
  • (1Aug2013): No comments on new additions received yet - reminder sent to sub-group.
  • (29Aug2013): Working through comments now. Aiming for distribution prior to next call.
  • (5Sep2013): A few comments remain outstanding.
  • (12Sep2013): Glossary draft has been distributed for IAWG comments and feedback.
  • (19Sep2013): Repeated call for comments. Finalization of draft text scheduled for next call.
  • (26Sep2013): Still waiting for comments.
  • (3Oct2013): Suggestion that the Glossary be attached to the SAC so that public comment would catch final comments.
  • (9Oct2013): Final alignment of new SAC to Glossary to be done, then package sent to 45 day public review. Closed.
Ken Dagg

Updated:26 Sept 2013

2013-09-26-001Add the RSN subgroup to the Roadmap: Q4 for Phase 1Andrew Hughes26 September 2013CLOSED

Charter redraft work item

  • (12Sep2013): Andrew to continue to update draft charter text based on comments and feedback from IAWG participants
  • (19Sep2013): This round complete.
Andrew Hughes19 September 2013CLOSED

Status update on Resilient Networks work item

  • (12Sep2013): Waiting for information
  • (19Sep2013): See meeting minutes. Closed.
Myisha Frasier-McElveen19 September 2013CLOSED