Kantara FIWG Teleconference 

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  1. Administrative - roll call :  Minutes from Dec 20 ;Election of Chair (We should have done this in Dec but forgot.)
  2. FEDLab SAML tests update
  3. UK Gov Profile
  4. eGov 2 Profile - Leif & Colin report on conversation with Anil John? 
  5. SAML 2 Int Profile (Profile updates,  Wiki page)
  6. Kantara, OIX and other meta-data aggregator projects.
  7. Your agenda items


1. Administrative - roll call


2. FEDLab SAML tests update - -
3. UK Gov Profile

Summary: UK Govt is novating the contract with IdPs for Authentication. Unclear what the substitute contract will contain. RF says discussions continuing with vendors.

4. eGov 2 SAML Profile
 5. SAML 2 Int Profile

Discussion: Combined with (4) above.

6.  Kantara, OIX and other meta-data aggregator projects

Discussion: JB meeting Leif re the possible ISOC and R&E peering between OIX and Kantara aggregators. Ping has a pilot in play for SPs using Ping Federate clients (repeated from last call..?). The pilot is in 2 Parts: First, getting meta data into same IdP, and Second, how to manage the ...accumulation?... (notes indecipherable).. of 3rd parties' attributes as federations grow. Non R&E feds wil have to use R&E methods before long.

7. Your Agenda items

None raised..and no more call time left.

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