This is the home of the Kantara SAML 2.0 eGov Interoperability Profile. (It was moved from the eGov-WG to the FI-WG).

SAML 2.0 eGov Interoperability Profile

This profile reflects the current best practice for SAML profiles with regard to scaleability in federations and product support. It is used as a base for deployment profiles in large federations.

While there is nothing specific in the profile pertaining to governments, its initial sponsors were government agencies.

The current version is attached to this page.

SAML 2.0 eGov Deployment Profiles

Following deployment profiles are known to be based on the SAML 2.0 eGov Interoperability Profile:

Relationships between SAML standards and profiles (Overview)

The following "family tree" provides an overview the different classes of standards and profiles.

What purpose service profiles?