Kantara eGov Working Group Teleconference

Date and Time


  1. Colin Wallis – NZ Govt, Internal Affairs
  2. Sal d'Agostino – ID Machines
  3. Denny Prvu - CA, Canada
  4. Joni Brennan - Staff
  5. Keith Uber - Ubisecure Solutions


  1. Rainer Hörbe - Kismed
  2. Thomas Grundel - ITCrew, Denmark

1.    Minutes

No quorum, approval deferred. No comments about previous minutes.

New Members

Ian Young has a long background as a contributor to SAML, SAML2Int efforts.

Satish is working with Wipro, a US based government contractor to DoD USA.

Invitation Letter

Fairly good coverage in contacts for Finland, USA, Sweden, UK

Seeking more contacts from: Austria, Denmark, Norway, UK, South America 

Nice list collected already of 15-20 contacts across 5 countries.


Joni: Phased approach or not?

Who is the best person to make the outreach?

Is it better to have someone other than Joni if there is certain local contact or pre-existing relationship?

General consensus was that the a letter from General Director of the organization perhaps referring to the nominee is the best approach. 


Requests to get more contacts:

- Estonia - Keith

- France - Fulup or Mikael

- Iceland

- South America

Colin to send out a message ISO SE27 WG5 mailing list

Keith to send a list of countries in Stork to Colin after the call.

2.    Repositioning the eGov WG, charter modifications

Saml 2.0 eGov deployment profile

Should be clear if that is going to move to FIWG.

It would be good to define some hooks, to ensure that it supports the government use cases properly.

Review cycle must be built in.

A mechanism should be recorded to subject to review by the eGov working group.

eGov working group is responsible for the maintenance of the requirements

- review requirements

- feed in requirements to the FIWG

4: eGov WG F2F at Cloud Identity Summit in July

F2F in Vail Colorado

Friday July 20th July, after the Cloud Identity Summit.

John, Rainer, Colin W. and Colin S are at this event.

Action 2012-06-04 -03: JB Will arrange a meeting place/time.

Dervla has made a reservation at the Atwater, on the same property as the Hotel from 7am for as long as we need. Initial reservation for 10 people.

This will be a restaurant setting. No projector will be available. Please prepare accordingly.

One hour drive from Vail to the airport

Aim would be to finalize the Charter at the F2F so it could be voted on during the August call.

1st Week of August is Privacy Group meeting in DC: Colin, John Bradley, Rainer to participate.


Joni had sent a survey on behalf of the IRB regarding testing/ deployment testing. If you have not responded, please respond. A summary of results will be presented.

National Holiday in Canada  (Canada Day) - Gold star to Danny for attendance (smile)

Dervla's last week, finishing July 6th

Next Monthly Meeting: