LC telecon 2012-04-25
Meeting not at quorum

Date and Time


  1. Roll Call
  2. Approve 2012-03-21 Minutes
  3. Administration:
    1. quarterly reports due from all WG & DG leadership teams by the end of April
    2. upcoming leadership elections (TFMM, BCTF, HIA, TELCO)
    3. Subscribers - Operating Procedures Update
    4. Social Media guidelines (
  4. Discussion
    1. promoting the ISWG kickstarter (Joe Andrieu)
  5. WG Updates
  6. BoT Liaison Representative Update & Executive Director report
  7. AOB
  8. Adjourn






Roll Call

Minutes & Notes

Administration: Approve 2012-03-21 Minutes


This would be an update to the by-laws
The BoT approved their budget within the first quarter, and part of that process called for adjustments to the membership fees and creation of a new class of participation: Subscriber.
In order to create that new class, the BoT had to get that defined in the by-laws, now in section 1.9. The subscriber class was created as a way to rationalize and get a level of participation for orgs that would participate in interop activities and in the assurance program. They would in turn get access to new tools as they come available, before general availability. This also consolidates the fee structure for the Assurance Program.
LC is being asked to craft some input in to the operating procedures to further classify and define what subscribers can do: do they have a vote in WG/DG? Do they have a vote in all-member votes?

AI: Joni to make clear the points for the policy, and if there are no further comments then we can create an e-ballot in one week to approve sending it to the BoT – DONE

Discussion - promoting the ISWG Kickstarter (Joe Andrieu)

the Kickstarter is the third step in a conversation. Have been working on a contractual framework to give individuals a safer way to understand how their information is used online. This is also the foundation for Swissbooks (question) proposal to NSTIC. Establishing a contract for a user should work the way the web works. A spec has been written up and feedback sought on that, and UI design started. Want to add semantic data.
How to promote more widely? planning on press releases; suggest getting a twitter handle for standardlabel

AI: Joe to send more information on the effort to the LC list

WG Updates

HIA - Pete Palmer - have been focusing on eCitizen and personal identity project; will be talking to the group tomorrow about making a concerted effort to get the various Health Information Exchanges of Health & Human Services national initiatives aware of the work going on in HIA, promoting a common framework for IdM; note this is NOT the same as the Health Insurance Exchanges; (Joni) if there could be a physical or virtual round table to help make connections, that would help move things further
AMDG - Heather Flanagan - report coming out Very Soon Now; sneak preview available on the wiki
P3WG - Colin Soutar - discussing general policy and FICAM requirements, and progress being made on both the specific FICAM requirements and how they'll apply more broadly
Federation Interopility - John Bradley - SAML2 interoperable profile that was contributed from eduGAIN, addressing recent security holes in SAML

BoT Liason Report

Plus crossover update wrt meeting in Munich (Kantara F2F)
Attended: representatives from eGov, Telco Identity, Fed Interop, and BoT
Each of those groups had some time for their own agenda items, and brought together for plenary to talk about what NSTIC is and how it impacts Europe, some Kantara announcements, some information around self-identifying groups who have won NSTIC next-round participants; spent a large chunk of time discussing overarching Kantara mission, and that there may be a bit of a disjoint regarding theme of work being accomplished - note this was a small, non-representative group - there has not been a formal review as to where KI started in 2009 and where we are now, but discussions all came down to an umbrella concept of Trust; by being an organization that listens to the Relying Party, the orgs that need to trust Identity Systems, we fill a niche that seems to be open in the field, we help operationalize Trust; what we don't do is development of technical specs, we are not an SDO

AI: Joni is going to take the conversation from the F2F and make it a cohesive statement and get feedback from the groups

KI was also represented at the EIC meeting

The BOT is focused on strategy, membership recruiting, clear mission critical steps to move Kantara in to a position where it has vitality and budget



Meeting concluded @ 14:30 PT | 17:30 ET | 21:30 UTC

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