This was the second formal call of the FIWG.  Quorum was not met. These draft meeting NOTES have not yet been approved.





10-06-2010 Draft Notes:

Roll call — Non Quorate Call

  1. Quorum not reached. Previous minutes cannot be approved. What follows will qualify as Notes from this telecon.
  2. Leadership Nominations Requested:
    Mary Ruddy nominated John Bradley. Drummond Reed seconded.
    John and group have agreed to submit his recommendation to the role of Chairman to the list along with an open call for other nominations.
  3. Discussion of Use Cases:
    It is agreed that test cases must get posted to the wiki for reviews to commence.
  4. Note:
    Matt Tebo — highlighted the need for separation between "tech" and "policy" cases---highlighting that the FIWG should focus on technical and leave policy to other WG jurisdiction.

Peter Alderman---What further perimeters should be considered around the selection of use cases to review? The use cases need to focus on the sorts of trust relationships that are required, and the technical options available to us to achieve them.Particular attention needs to be given to the requirements of the Federation providers with respect to the information they need to collect and validate from their members.

Myisha Frazier-McElveen --- Once draft use cases have been determined, what is the expected trajectory of the WG? Once we identify our short term use cases, we need to identify the practical solutions that can be deployed by the Trust Framework Providers and other Federations based on existing standards and software. The interchange formats need to be appropriate for consumption by existing software as much as possible. In the medium term we need to look at scaling issues, and can consider options for more real time verification of meta-data attributes.

Action Items:


Next Meeting:
Date: Thursday 17 June 2010
Time: 12p PDT / 3p EDT / 1900 UTC
Teleconference Info:
*         Skype: +9900827042954214
*         North American Dial-In: +1-201-793-9022
*         Room Code (Pass Code): 2954214

Adjourned: 1:05p PDT