Voting Participants: Ken Dagg, Martin Smith, Mark Hapner, Mark King

Non-voting participants: Jimmy Jung, Chris Lee


Proposed Agenda


  1. Roll call, determination of quorum
  2. Agenda confirmation
  3. Minutes approval - 2021-09-16 DRAFT Minutes
  4. Staff reports and updates
  5. LC reports and updates
  6. Call for Tweet-worthy items to feed (@KantaraNews)


a.     New Zealand comments

 Any Other Business and Next Meeting Date

Meeting notes 

Administrative Items:

The meeting was called to order at about 1:04PM (US Eastern).  Recording advisory 

Roll was called. The meeting was quorate.

Minutes approval:  Mark King moved approval of the draft Minutes of the IAWG meeting of Sept 16. Mark Hapner seconded. The minutes were approved unanimously.

Staff reports and Updates:

Kay needed to miss this meeting due to a family emergency. Lynzie updated the group on the GSA meeting that will take place tomorrow.

LC reports and Updates:

Ken . 


New Zealand Comments:

Other Business:

The next IAWG meeting will be Thursday, September 30 at 1pm EST to discuss status of open issues regarding the pending package of proposed criteria changes. 

Ken adjourned the meeting around 2:04pm EST.