Invited Guests: Jim Fenton, David Temoshok (NIST), Christine Abruzzi. 
Non-voting participants: Roger Quint, Pete Palmer 
Voting participants:  Ken Dagg, Martin Smith, Mark Hapner, Richard Wilsher

Staff: Colin and Ruth

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1. Administration:
Roll Call
2. Discussion:

a) NIST response to Kantara Implementation Guidance Reports on 800-63-3

b)  DIACC Call for Comment on PCTF Verified Login Component Overview & Conformance Profile Draft Recommendations V1.0


Discussion on NIST Response  - Continuation session 

Comments about Kantara Implementation Report Response 090319

Item 2 Impasse on KBV approval for IAL2


Item 3 Consistency of terms describing proofing types

-Remote identity proofing, the applicant and the operator or interviewer are remote, it represents an identity proofing session where the CSP and the applicant are in separate locations, not meeting face-to-face, with communications over a network.

-In-person is a face-to-face identity session in the same location between the CSP and the applicant.

-In addition, a new term was introduced in 63A for “supervised” remote in-person identity proofing; it has explicit connotations. “Supervised remote identity proofing” means that the requirements and controls for identity proofing sessions specified in SP 800-63A section Requirements for Supervised Remote In-Person Proofing are applied.  SP 800-63A section requires specific physical, technical and procedural controls so that supervised remote identity proofing can be considered equivalent to an in-person identity proofing session and, therefore, meet the in-person presence requirement for IAL3.

Item 4 Scope and Application of ‘Trusteed Referees’

DIACC call for comments on PCTF documents 

Revision of Glossary and Overview in light of IS17065

Action items