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  • 2016-09-29 Meeting Notes (CR)
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September 29, 2016

Meeting notes approved: 2016-10-20 Meeting Notes (CR)




  • Review current draft of CR Spec and give feedback to editor to feed into the work
  • Discuss specific topics that will require consensus decisions from the WG


Discussion Items

5 min
  • Roll call
  • Agenda bashing
  • Minutes Approval
Andrew Hughes
  • Prior minutes requiring approval

2016-09-22 Meeting Notes (Consent Receipts)

2016-09-15 Meeting Notes (Consent Receipts)

2016-09-08 Meeting Notes (Consent Receipts)

2016-09-08 Meeting Notes (Consent Receipts)

"Move to approve listed meeting notes previously circulated"

Motion: Deferred - insufficient attendance of attendees of the listed meetings to confirm notes




25 minDavid Turner

KI-CR09-DRAFT-2016-09-24.doc (confluence attachment)

KI-CR09-DRAFT-2016-09-24 (Google doc)


  • David gave an update on the current draft status
  • Working on structure of the document to simplify and reduce complexity of the document presentation
  • David has sent the list of current issues to the list for feedback
  • Mary is working with a company now - usability studies and eventually a consent receipt
25 min
  • Discussion on 'content' item needing consensus decision

Implementation and interpretation questions that David posted to WG list

  1. MyData submitted some comments. I added them to the 0.9 doc as comments starting with "From MyData":
    • Consent Time Stamp
    • Collection Method
    • Jurisdiction
    • PII Controller Org 
    • PII Controller Contact 
    • Privacy Policy
    • Version
    • CR GUID
    • Public Key - description and data type
    • PII Controller address - data type
    • PII Controller email - data type
  2. Resolve multiple definitions. These terms have two or more definitions. It's OK to have one normative definition and to include the other definitions as notes. 
    • purpose
    • sensitive PII
    • use
  3. Resolve multiple terms. There should only be one normative term. The other can be mentioned in a note:
    • expressed vs. explicit
    • implied vs. implicit
  4. I need clarification on "Consent Type". 
  5. What is the difference between PII Controller and Company/Organization?
  6. Consistent use of terms. I propose to change all occurrences of:
    • "sensitive data" to "sensitive PII"
    • "data controller" to "PII Controller"
    • "PII Subject" to "PII Principal"
  7. I propose removing Appendix C. 
  8. I recommending adding a human readable CR example based on the same information used in Appendix D. 

Action Items

CR Spec publication schedule

Current: call for comments on draft spec commences

September 19Close of business (Pacific) deadline for feedback on spec draft including examples and feedback from implementers. 
September 22WG call to review CR draft structure 
September 29WG call to review CR draft and discuss items needing resolution 
October 6WG call 
October 13WG call 
October 20Candidate draft to WG.
Decision required if the draft is sufficiently mature to base an IIW session on it.
October 27Final working session for WG (with/without IIW comments) on candidate draft 
November 3

Final draft for WG review

November 10Working group ballot - must be approved by WG on Nov 10th 
November 15Send doc to the Leadership Council. They must approve it by Nov 30. 
November 30LC Approval decision 
December 1Kantara all member ballot begins. 
January 15 2017Earliest Spec approval date