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  • 2016-09-15 Meeting Notes (Consent Receipts)
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Sep 15, 2016

Meeting notes approved: 2016-10-20 Meeting Notes (CR)




Quorum not achieved




Discussion Items

 CR Spec OutlineDavid Turner
  • Presented new outline. Now outline separates content of receipt with display
  • Conversation about scope of receipt artefact
  • Agreement that conformance is that the receipt has the correct information, formatted or arranged as set out. It is not a measure of whether consent or notice has been done in compliance with any particular standard
  • Noted that this document is the first element of a system. It's hard to understand it's context without talking about the bigger picture.
  • Each field in the CR is the result of a process involving the PII Subject, the PII Controller and the implementer making the choices
  • David proposes Alice and BurtCo to acknowledge not a peer to peer relationship
  • Discussion re: regulatory basis when it is the case that the authority for collection is other than consent - Is the Consent Receipt ONLY for cases where consent is sought? Or can it function as a PII Collection & Use Committment?

Action Items

  • David Turner will take todays discussion plus any feedback or comments that are received by the 19th and update the Spec Outline.
  • Agenda for next week will continue the concrete discussion on the spec.