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Kantara Initiative Identity Assurance WG Teleconference


DRAFT Meeting Minutes - IAWG approval required


Date and Time


  1. Administration:
    1. Roll Call
    2. Agenda Confirmation
    3. Minutes approval: DRAFT IAWG Meeting Minutes 2014-03-20
    4. Action Item Review
    5. Staff reports and updates
    6. LC reports and updates
    7. Call for Tweet-worthy items to feed (@KantaraNews or #kantara)
  2. Discussion
    1. Sub-group report on FICAM Mapping
    2. 'Proto SAC 4.0' - comments are incorporated, need to push through final processes (see attachment link below)
  3. AOB
  4. Adjourn


Link to IAWG Roster

As of 2014 March 13, quorum is 5 of 9

Use the Info box below to record the meeting quorum status

Meeting achieved quorum




  •  Scott Shorter
  • Matt Thompson
  • Richard Wilsher
  • Rich Furr
  • Paul Calatayud
  • Kennet Myers


  •  Ken Dagg


  •  Joni 


  • Andrew Hughes (S)

Voting Members for Cut/Paste

  • Rich Furr ( C)
  • Paul Calatayud (V-C)
  • Andrew Hughes (S)
  • Bill Braithwaite
  • Kenneth Myers
  • Scott Shorter
  • Matt Thompson
  • Cathy Tilton
  • Richard Wilsher

Selected Non-Voting members for Cut/Paste

  • Ken Dagg
  • Myisha Frazier-McElveen
  • Linda Goettler
  • Patricia Hammar
  • Jeff Stollman
  • Matt Woodhill


Notes & Minutes


Minutes Approval

DRAFT IAWG Meeting Minutes 2014-03-20

Motion to approve minutes of 2014-03-20: Scott moved to approve
Seconded: RGW / Matt Thompson
Motion Carried

Staff Updates

LC Updates
Participant updates





Carry-forward Items



Kantara IAF-1400 SAC v3-3.docx


Next Meeting


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