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  • Voting for FIRE WG officers
  • Funding for FIRE WG
  • ONC Proposal

Discussion items

Voting for FIRE WG officers

FIRE WG voted to elect the officers as follows:

Jim, Chair

Catherine Schulten, Vice chair

Noreen, Secretary

All present voted Yes.

FIRE Funding

Jim Kragh requested, via our KEFB representative, Sal, designated funding which was positively received which he will report on so we tailor the scope to promote Kantara and its trust structure'

ONC Proposal/trust and MAAS

From Jim Kragh email:

Tom and Noreen update on an ONC grant initiative which involves which have been revised (thanks Sal, Colin and Tom) and the DRAFT application which Noreen has created from scratch to meet ONC's sole funding requirements.

Here is the link to the draft document:

To reinforce the Kantara-ONC relationship, Kantara is one of a handful of invited entities to participate at their annual meeting by hosting at ONC Summit  later this month by hosting a Virtual Booth, (no fee) two days for 5 hours each.  The FIRE WG and UMA will represent Kantara.

Regarding ONC, there are working with CDC at the request of the President to get an infrastructure in place for COVID.


FIRE develops Software assessment criteria

Testing lab tests app against these criteria

Trust Registry (run by Kantara) creates a MAAS statement and siplays apps that use it

2 kinds of trusted apps

  • Apps that Access healthcare record
  • Apps that Hold onto certifications for the patient
    • Covid certification


  • Current competing standards
    • They are international, several countries use their certificate
    • Currently ahead of Linux
    • Tom S says HL7 has more credibility with HHS
    • They may need to create a public health statement and a clinical statement
    • Tom thinks Micky Tripathi knows Josh, both from MA
    • Linux foundation is discussing the format of the certification
    • Josh Mandel (Microsoft, formerly Children's Hospital) writing it into HL7 terms 
  • We are not taking a position on which of these should become the standard.

“We understand ONC has embraced a number of HL7 protocols, particularly FIHR.”

PUNCHLINE: list of people who are involved. Dr. Tom agreed to add his name and affiliation. Chair of HIWA WG. Chaired iDESG NSTIC healthcare WG. Chief Medical Strategic Officer at Dr. First.

Bev, add Chaired of International WG at IDESG four years and FIRE WG.

Jim and Jeff (privacy lawyer) to add his info.

Action items