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The ANCR WG is currently focused on completing the Consent Receipt v1.2.  Presenting a Notice Record and Consent Receipt information structure, for conformance assessment and rights access automation.   Starting Sept 2021, the next effort to review and complete the consent receipt specification to v2, will be starting and interested participants are welcome to join and get involved. 

The Consent Receipt v1.1 Specification, was published by the Kantara Initiative on 20 February 2018 before GDPR was enacted.

The Consent Receipt v1.1 was included in ISO 29184 Online Privacy Notices and Consent (released on 6 June 2020) in Appendix B, where it is labeled as a Consent Notice Receipt .

The Consent Receipt v1.1 was submitted to ISO/IEC SC 27 as input and after successful campaign, ISO/IEC began work on Working Draft 1 of ISO/IEC 27560 Consent Record Information Structure,  adopted from the consent receipt, fulfilling a key Charter Objective of the CISWG and  milestone for the Consent Receipt specification.  Producing A way to independent of PII Controllers to demonstrate the conformance of privacy expectations, and earn trust from people.  

The Consent Receipt v1.2 updates  the v1.1 with a long worked on update that incorporates  4 years of specification work addressing well known challenges to computational privacy, identified prior to the publication of the Consent Receipt v1.1.  (the Minimum Viable Consent Receipt)

Updates incorporate: 

  • GDPR based legal justifications adopted as a generic input and published in the ISO/IEC 29184
  •  Delegation of consent authorization
  • Privacy rights information access
  • Proof of Notice  
  • Evidence of Consent

Latest Consent Receipt Specification Development 

The Consent Receipt Specification v1.2.4 now has an additional section 5, which specifies the field data and semantic vocabulary for consent receipt fields and is the result of long term collaborations with multiple  other efforts and is added with a new longer term objective to engineering a Unified Notice Control Ontology for Language (UNCOL) these efforts include: 

  1. W3C Community Group: Data Privacy Legal Vocabulary Control;
  2. Trust over IP: Inputs & Semantics WG : Notice & Consent Task Force - Privacy Controller Credential
  3. COEL V1, a standard from OASIS

If you have implemented consent receipts, plan to interoperate with the record structure, have an interoperating specification get in touch.

Read the full charter

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Please sign the group participation agreement (GPA) in order to participate:

This ANCR WG operates under the Kantara IPR Option: 

Patent & Copyright: Reciprocal Royalty Free with Opt-Out to Reasonable And Non-discriminatory (RAND)

The work is open for use and re-use, comments and contributions.  The providence of the work and its use is protected so that ISO (27560 WD  can use this work as reference for Notice and Consent Record Structure)


Chair - Sal D'Agostino

Vice- Chair Dr. Vitor Jesus

Editor - Mark Lizar

Roles of Leadership 

Teleconference Info - All hands ANCR-WG (projects co-ordination) call

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