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A contribution from Ken Klingenstein describing the privacy component of a trust framework using consent

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PDF File consent checkpoints.pdf Dec 17, 2020 by Jim Pasquale
JPEG File image002-1.jpg Jan 26, 2021 by Jim Pasquale


  1. Add the Apple uses to this list

  2. Kenneth Klingenstein asks that we stay focused on useful characteristics of consent:

    • Not COEL; instead focused on specific domains
    • Suggestion to add to the agenda for an upcoming working session - 11 Feb 2021 or 18 Feb 2021
  3. Hi folks, The Me2B Alliance's raison d'etre is creating the standard for Respectful Technology.  Our entire certification rubric defines the starting point of characteristics of respectful technology.  Let's figure out how to not confuse people and generate disparate definitions. 

    1. IT's been my plan from the get-go.  We missed you yesterday and could use some help with your baselines. While no obvious the image file is what you recently sent me around the purpose of use and Apple labeling

  4. From our meeting yesterday, how can we follow up with this effort? SOme suggestion swirling around where a blog (joint), a session for the entire Thursday meeting with open dialogue and capturing content, a separately stood up event to kick off the effort.  And since we are just agreeing on using common terms, I don't see an IP issue at all, as a matter of fact, it should help clarify the differences.

  5. Meaningful consent is the term we use and it involves, among other things, prior notice of surveillance risk before the consent transaction.  At a high level it is, among other things, transparency, reciprocity and proportionality. A lot of what is in the list mash-up is represented in different receipt fields.