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The Consent Receipt v1.1 is in Public Review until January 20, 2018. This is a major milestone for the WG and prepares the foundation to allow 'overlays' and profiles to be created to suit the specific needs of localized regulations. We've received some comments already and will be working on resolution early in the new year.

Members of the Kantara Initiative Consent & Information Sharing WG have recently approved the Consent Receipt Specification v1.1.0 draft 7 2017-11-20. The document described below now enters a 45-day public comment and IPR review period in preparation for a member ballot to consider its approval as a Kantara Initiative Recommendation.

Document: Consent Receipt Specification

Version: v1.1.0 draft 7

Document Date: 2017-11-20

Document URL: Download the document 

Overview of Document: A Consent Receipt is a record of authority granted by a Personally Identifiable Information (PII) Principal to a PII Controller for processing of the Principal’s PII. The record of consent is human-readable and can be represented as standard JSON. This specification defines the requirements for the creation of a consent record and the provision of a human-readable receipt. The standard includes requirements for links to existing privacy notices & policies as well as a description of what information has been or will be collected, the purposes for that collection as well as relevant information about how that information will be used or disclosed. This specification is based on current privacy and data protection principles as set out in various data protection laws, regulations and international standards.

This is an open invitation to comment. Kantara Initiative solicits feedback from potential users, developers and, other interested parties, whether Kantara Initiative members or not, for the sake of improving the interoperability and quality of its technical work.

Public Review and IPR Review Period Opens: 2017-12-07, 20:00 UTC

Public Review and IPR Review Period Closes: 2018-1-20, 19:59 UTC

To Comment on the Specification: To comment please use the form located at: email your comments to with the subject "CISWG COMMENT SUBMISSION".

Note that any submissions are deemed to be contributed under the IPR Option of the WG: Patent & Copyright: Reciprocal Royalty Free with Opt-Out to Reasonable And Non-discriminatory (RAND)