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Project NameProject DescriptionURLMain ContactHow is Kantara CR used*Production status
Digital CatapultPersonal Data Receipt Project latest paper Natireceipt provided to people digitally upon entry into digital catapult and UX tested /Trust testedover 6k receipts provided in London
digi.meProvides individual ability to share their locally owned personal data with apps & web services via Consent Access Certificate process.

Jim Pasquale
Kantara CR is used internally to store details of a confirmed Consent in individuals local Consent Dashboard.  It will subsequently be posted to ledgers where required by participating businesses.Live
ConsentuaConsent Management Service - API & Widget that simply captures consent and creates an interoperable consent

Chris Cooper

The basis of the output that Consentua generates as proof of consent from an end user.


IDESG idpImplementation of a best-practice Identity Server 4 Open ID Connect Provider with full open source availability (working demo) (source repo)

Tom Jones

best practice demo of an identifier provider, will enable U2F soonLive consent receipt; U2F under development

 * Version number or how derived or how implemented.