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  • 2017-08-09 Draft Meeting Notes

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  • Release of errata in the 2 weeks, which does not have changes in the requirements, just editorial changes.
  • They are creating a vector of trust profile for US T  based transactions.
  • A draft Guidance on 800-63-3 may be ready for winter. 

Open Mic 

  • Ann West for Incommon asked requested clarification on the FICAM Draft Certification and Renewal Document Table of Contents.docx item 4.3 Phase 3: Business Case & Sponsor Presentation. She commented that it is interesting to Incommon as they are not federating to any federal agencies using a TFP, their campuses are federating with federal agencies. She asked if the business case was for TFP to present to FICAM or is it FICAM view of what the business case should be back to them.
  • Colin Wallis would like clarification on item 4.4.3 Credential Service Provider Assessment Methodology.