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Greetings folks,
I finished off my last Director's Corner as we were making final preparations for our mult-faceted engagements at the Cloud Identity Summit in Chicago. Suffice to say, and I'm sure supported by the Kantarians in attendance, 'we slammed' it.
For the small organization that we are, we punched well above our weight as we have at most events this year, using our scarce resources thoughtfully and innovatively to give organizations much bigger than us a serious run for their money. That is certainly helped by the many members who supported us in speaking at our pre-conference workshop, mentioning us in their own presentations, pointing folks to our booth and proudly wearing our buttons, stickers and badge banners to stand out from the crowd. And that we did! I had numerous (envious) comments from other consortia and observers, observing just how much of an impact we made.
We had presentations relating to UMA, IRM, Consent Receipt and our conformity assessment scheme with Trust Mark under the Identity Assurance Trust Framework. We had the launch of digital identity professionals as its own 'ID Pro' independent organization. We had an unscheduled but urgent intervention by President Allan between two Keynotes on the deep concern we should all share regarding 'screen scraping' in the latest PSD2 draft standard. Since then (and perhaps partly due to the global attention Kantara brought to the matter through its pledge of opposition) the European Banking Authority has also opined in our favor.   
We just want to see all that interest translate into paying members and corporate directed funds for our Working Groups' projects.  Whether you can direct, cajole, influence or just 'nudge', please be in no doubt - your help is appreciated.  All our works and specifications - be they published or in development - plus our pre-conference workshops - are available for brand association sponsorship or directed funds. Please Contact us for a marketing pack and pricing.  
Many of you will be reading this in conjunction with Kantara's quarterly newsletter that the Federation Interoperability Working Group's SAML V2.0 Implementation Profile for Federation Interoperability is out for public comment and IPR review period. It replaces the egov Working Group's SAML eGov profile from 2010. The deadline is 29th July 2017.  If you haven't already  provided feedback please do so!   And while your in Kantara-mode don't forget to take a look through the updated ByLaws (smile).
The big news in the newsletter is this: "In light of its recent publication, Kantara intends to hope the summer has brought you some rest and relaxation.  Kantara staff use the time to plan the second half of the year and catch up things still to do from the first half ... and OK, maybe a break for some of us as well (smile).
July started Kantara Treasurer Robin, Leadership Council Chair Andrew and myself at EEMA, (follow them @EEMA1) our premier European partner's conference in London where we presented on the changing nature of conformity assessment and how the emerging domain of data ethics could play an increasing role. Robin's work on data ethics is very thought provoking in a variety of ways, not least of which how we create an assessment scheme and Trust Mark from it! Hard tho' it is, it is in the right place because this is what we do..(smile)

The second week of July saw our 3 performers in our Federally funded KIPI Applied Research and Development program wowd the audience as they showcased their innovations in DC under the watchful gaze of Kantara President Allan amongst hundreds of others. Follow @Steve_Lockstep, @nynymike and John Fessler with Exponent, to keep up to date with the fantastic innovations they are developing for our industry and the world.

July also saw Kantara's public announcment of its intent  to develop conformity assessment, approval and an additional Mark for NIST SP 800-63-3 for identity & credential service providers whose solutions are utilized by relying parties online. We hope to have it in operation in less than 12 months. We are also making it easier for operating Trust Frameworks all around the world to more easily map ‘theirs to ours’ by developing an open risk catalogue.  This multi-faceted project needs your help to truly succeed. It needs your organization’s sponsorship and directed funds and it needs the volunteer resources of subject matter experts - be they individuals such as you, or organizations you know or work for. Whether you are a Credential Service Provider looking for early adoption and transition, or a Relying Party looking to support the project to help move the industry forward, Contact us and be part of this new and exciting journey".  There's not much more to say at this moment in time, except to observe that it stands as yet another testament to Kantara's leadership in the industry and the identity community it serves. 
The first days of July saw no let-up for the non US Kantara team, as Board Director Robin and Leadership Council Chair Andrew joined me at EEMA, our premier European partner's conference in London where we presented on the changing nature of conformity assessment and how the emerging domain data ethics could play an increasing role. We wished our friends and colleagues Stateside all best in their Holiday, while we worked..(smile).  And the following week our 3 performers in our Federally funded KIPI Applied Research and Development program wowed the audience as they showcased their innovations in DC. 
Enjoy summer and get some rest. But if you are restless, there is more than enough to occupy you by volunteering your time across Kantara's Working Groups.  Just let us know.Our first project planning meetings were well attended, but there is always room for more volunteers on the IAWG - folks who are willing to contribute, analyse and review. It's a great way to fill in those balmy summer days!
As I write this, we are deep into planning our pre-conference workshop in Seattle, the exclusive curtain-raiser to Kuppinger Cole's Consumer Identity World Tour 2017.  See you there!

Kind Regards,


Around the Houses:


We had good press and social network coverage during June

Program, Work Group and Discussion Group Updates:

  • You can always keep up with all the latest news from the Work Group and Discussion Groups directly off the Leadership Council's Blog.
  • The Federated Interoperability, UMA and Consent & Information Sharing Work Groups are pounding their way through the public feedback on their respective specifications following their public review periods. Come the Fall, these should be released and available for you to download from our Reports and Recommendations web repository.   
  • As always, if you have a query or question, staff are only too willing to assist.  Contact them via email.

Events: See them here! 

  • We can now reveal our extra special events in September and beyond. (smile)


  • Many Europe based Kantarians are heading to Tallinn and Helsinki to join community friends at MyData. It promises to be a great conference with the first ever MyData Declaration ready to be signed by you and others that vow to be good actors when managing others' personal data.
  • North American based Kantarians should be booking their flights to Seattle for Consumer Identity World '17 starting September 11th especially to attend the first of the new conference season's Kantara legendary pre-conference workshops!  'CIAM' is the new domain in the digital identity space and Kantara has exclusive rights to this event series that moves on to Paris and then Singapore after Seattle.  Join us there, save money! Kantara has discounted pass codes available for both these September events (smile)