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  • 2017-02 (February 2017) Meetings

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Tuesday, February 21


Attending: Eve, Susan, Thomas, John, Devon

We examined our Technologies definition of "blockchain" and Steve Wilson's email critique, and are satisfied that it shouldn't excite antibodies among the experts (see this blog post).

AI: Eve: Add a terminology definition of "blockchain" (cheekily pointing to the blog post).

AI: Eve: Share Jim H's Wise Contracts paper with Devon et al.

Jim H and Eve had a mind meld about how he believes P2P is the main value of decentralization, not the blockchain technology part.

Eve can't run the Thursday call; she'll ask if Thomas can.

Tuesday, February 14

Attendees: Steve O. (ISOC), Jeff S., JohnW, Kathleen, Susan,

  • Need to sharpen language on contracts
  • Mention dispute resolution (R3 efforts)
    • Clauses for dispute/arbitration
    • SC may be reading from external data sources
    • Dispute about reference data sources – can be exploited
    • Section on Analysis od contracts need to be reviewed again.
    • User Submitted Terms  -- weak text, need to explain role in SC and BC
      • Is it creating standards
      • JohnM’s idea (Research Notebook use case): capture the author of information (e.g. notebook), hash captured on a blockchain, proving creatorship.
        • First to file
        • Some research authors do similar with papers (i.e first to publish idea)
        • Similar to timestamp in PKI
        • Thomas AI: look at Open Music Initiative (OMI)

Tuesday, February 7


Attending: Eve, Thomas, Kathleen, JohnW, Matisse, Marco, Susan, Adrian, Jeff