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Project NameProject DescriptionOutput typeLeaderPublication titleProject-Publication StatusProject Landing page
Consent Receipt specification Draft Technical SpecificationDavid Turner "Consent Receipt Specification"

Active - Public review

Consent Receipt Specification
User Sumitted Terms The User Submitted Terms project will create a common set of icons that customers can use to signal their intent. This project is meant to build a Minimum Viable set of term icons, their definitions and example engineering code for submitting terms and answering them. The purpose of USTs are to allow individuals to request their preferred treatment of their data, before submission. This is meant is to change the dynamic between entities that most often ask their users to accept terms from the entity with no negotiation. USTs would bring a negotiation aspect to the consent process, before a Consent Receipt is created. UST development will include participants from all relevant domains including UX and usability, engineering, legal, product, marketing and standardization, as well as other parties wishing to join and assist the group. UST development should result in a standard adopted by the Kantara Initiate and eventually through a formal standard's body. Mary Hodder Active - Development

User Submitted Terms project overview

UST Project Scope


Status: Active; Inactive; Archived. Sub-status: Document published; Public review; Development; Formation.