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Attending: Eve, Colin, Tim

We worked through paper 7c live on the call. Eve finished her action item to add a scope/audience paragraph live, too.

There are Code of Conduct materials extant, both external to Kantara and within Kantara (including pointing to those other sources), which can be built on to bootstrap an UMA-related "company code of conduct" assessment offering (and even a similar OAuth-related substrate). Some discussion went on about this in the past week. The current Business Model paper, and probably a series of other short papers in some "call tree" order (paper A cross-refers to paper B etc.), would be formally referred to by some set of tools. If these were technical specs, those linkages would be obvious – so let's be sure to make them obvious. Paper draft 7c is getting ready to be a "beta" version for external review. The WG should vote it upward as a Draft Report if so, and we'd have to see if the LC then needs to review it, but then it could potentially be put under the Reports & Recommendations page as a PDF download.