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Comment: After removing Jon, removing Irwin, and adding Sourav, total voting is 11.


UMA group participants are known as UMAnitarians. Become one today! The current leadership team is listed here.

This Participant Roster indicates those participants who signed the Group Participation Agreement (GPA) for the UMA Work Group. Habitual non-attenders of meetings are at risk of being declared non-voting (sometimes called being an "observer"). Participants who wish to re-establish voting rights may do so simply by attending a meeting and stating this preference. Participants of all stripes always have mailing-list posting privileges.

As of 10 Sep 2015 (prepost-meeting), quorum is 6 of 11. This table tracks voting participants of the UMA Work Group, and also voting participant attendance at recent "all-hands" meetings in which the WG's goal is to attain quorum. (Participation in ad hoc and "focus" meetings – most of our regular weekly meetings at this point -- is not formally tracked. See individual meeting notes to see who attended.) Since participants may move between voting and non-voting status, and are moved to the second table when they become non-voting (thus removing their record), the attendance record columns do not necessarily reflect actual attendance at any one meeting. Rather, they are a tool to help the chair manage quorum over time. The "q(n)" designation means quorum was reached, with n being the minimum number of voting participants required.