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Non-voting participants: Andrew Hughes

Staff: Lynzie Adams

Proposed Agenda

  • Administration:
    • Roll call, determination of quorum
    • Agenda confirmation
    • Minutes approval - 2021-12-16 DRAFT Minutes
    • Staff reports and updates
    • International liaisons updates
    • LC reports and updates
    • Call for Tweet-worthy items to feed (@KantaraNews)
  •  Discussion: 
    • 2022 Workload Planning
  • Any Other Business and Next Meeting Date
    • Next meeting - January 13th  

Meeting Notes 

Administrative Items:

IAWG Chair Ken Dagg called the meeting to order at 1:00M (US Eastern).  Roll was called. Meeting was quorate. Distributed agenda was confirmed. 


Andrew expanded on the usual request for social media posts. With the addition of a marketing person, Kantara now has a more proactive approach to marketing. She has been reporting on what she needs to promote. A few encouragements - put it in your LinkedIn profile, showcase Kantara participation on company websites if possible. Looking for a more robust ecosystem. 


Workload Planning 2022

There was some discussion recapping and reviewing the priorities generated in December, including minimizing the amount of time spent on reviewing/commenting other legislation and standards. Andrew suggested talking with Kay and Lynzie on how this could be turned into a paid service - primarily for private projects. Further suggesting an up front commitment of time from the work group that could be expanded on a paid basis - ultimately, signaling to the market is important. Ken agreed we can look into how this can be a more marketable service.