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  • Approve agenda
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10 min.Actions or issues from prior meetings

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Reviewed completed tasks

40 min.Report content discussion & reviewAll
  • Reviewed DraftImplementorsReportOutline.pdf
  • John asked whether a 'single author' vs 'many authors' approach is preferred - 'single author' seems more likely
  • The idea is 5-ish pages for main body of the report, plus detailed material in annexes / user stories
  • The guidance is for data custodians about the things they should be doing in order for people to trust them to do the right things
    • Can be informed by NIST Privacy Engineering and various GDPR-related materials
  • John Wunderlich to Add the section headings into the Content pages in the wiki 
  • Use Word documents or markdown files and post them into the wiki
  • Note that this Implementors Report is intended to be deliverable of the WG - it defines the framework within which the detailed Recommendation documents will fit
  • Each of the Implementor's Guidance sub-clauses should have around 3 requirements to start
    • then additional Recommendation documents will contain additional detailed requirements
  • Note: Biometric pre-check use case is getting attention - we need to find a better name that avoids the brand name "Pre-check" to avoid confusion
    • Note: the use case is so that the person knows (in advance) what credentials they will need in order to get through the check point successfully. This is where the person shares their biometric data and additional attribute data (and is verified) before they show up at the check point.
    • This use case covers the 'automated boarding gate which uses biometric matching to authenticate the passenger at boarding time'
    • Note: there might be national security or legislation that overrides general personal information protections - we must focus on the everyday policy decisions, not the high security decisions
  • The purpose of the credential usage is the critical factor - clearly defined and well explained purpose text enables the rest of the requirements
  • Discussion about timing of requirements and the supporting assessment criteria
    • Because this is needed now - the WG should consider how the assessment criterial can be developed in parallel

5 min.Adjourn

Meeting Adjourned at 14:00