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In this WG's effort to address these core technical and governance issues 2FN and 2FC will work to separate technical permissions in the context of access management and human permission referred in this workgroup (and draft charter update) as 'purpose of use' management.  Distinguishing from identity management or online service provider implementation of consent with system centric permissions.  Made more difficult through a consolidated industry effort to conflate these two types of permission (as digital trust) for commercializing digital identity as security services(session based micro- security services) as digital trust services, which insinuate a micro-technical operational impact on trust or privacy.

The 2FN proof of authorization before processing policy, is a policy control for the use of AI, and through discussion was conceived as tool for safeguarding children's privacy in AI.  The mirrored notice record standard : aka a Consent Receipt provides high quality, labelled data for people to manage their own micro-data and control its use and who benefits from this data when used as - meta-data.       Promoting an alternative to services t&Cs for children, youth, indigenous data sovereignty and education environments.   2FN before 2FC for processing sovereign data to address the data governance requirements and safeguard the use of meta-data for  data trusts - like school records with access management utilizing Consent Receipts.