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  • the overall service being provided to the PII principal changes;
  • the collection and processing of PII causes another or higher impact on the PII principal or higher risk of such an impact than indicated previously;
  • changes within or to the PII controller occur (e.g., change of owner, change of business); the PII being processed changes;
    the processing of PII changes;
    the methods used to process the PII change;
  • the purposes for which PII is processed change;
  • the provision of PII to a different third party change (unless the PII principal was previously notified that PII would be provided to a range of third parties and the change made does not expand the scope of provision);
  • the retention periods or disposal dates change;
  • the manner in which PII principals may access the PII held by the organization changes, or to the manner in which PII principals may request corrections to that information; and
  • the contact information for the submission of access or correction requests changes;

Notification Language

  1. Control

  2. 581  The organization should provide the notice digitally and in the language according to the PII principal's

  3. 582  preference if the service is expected to be used by PII principals from different language speaking

  4. 583  populations and multiple languages were identified per 5.1.3.