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January is the month that we begin populating the Events calendar with conferences and similar events globally where Kantara has been allocated podium space for its members in good standing.  And applying also to members, if you have been selected to speak at an event, please let us know, so that we can pPlease promote it through social media. Please keep returning to the events Events page regularly and be sure to get your conference discounts with our code.   

And last but most certainly not least, I am delighted to announce that Andi Hindle – Kantara member & UMA WG aficionado, Identiverse content chair, subject matter identity expert and all-round good guy – is our 6th staff contractor. He takes up the new role of Kantara’s UK Ambassador to progress Kantara’s footprint in the UK, complementing Chris Healy in a similar position in Washington DC. You can contact him on andi at kantarainitiative dot org or Contact Us.

Wishing you all a happy New member announcements perfectly exemplify the promise that a New Year and a new decade bring to Kantara. It is with great pleasure that we welcome Microsoft to Kantara as an organization (non Board) member as well as UK based Folio Technologies Limited and Australian based Neocapita Security Consulting Pty. Ltd.  Please also join me in welcoming Individual Contributor Hitoshi Kokumai known to many of you as the vanguard of the Expanded Password System and welcoming back renewing Board member and Individual Contributors Lisa LeVasseur and Mary Hodder. 

Welcoming so many new and returning members in a single month really is the perfect way to to start a happy and prosperous New Year and new decade.

Kantara looks forward to serving you all in your endeavours to lift the ecosystem. 


Kind regards


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