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The week after LC Chair Andrew Hughes and I were in Paris representing Kantara and its Category C liaison to ISO /IEC JTC 1/SC 27/ Working Group 5 (Identity Management & Privacy) meetings. We presented results of the Study Periods for Consent Receipts and Records as well as Identity Proofing and Verification.  If you haven't yet seen the breaking news on that, it is that a New Work Item - Consent records - information structure - was proposed for national body ballot. The accompanying 'working draft 0' comprises the section headings from Kantara's Consent Receipt and contributions from Kantara's original participants together with those from around the world and signals 'the end of the beginning' as Andrew aptly put it. Seeing them taken up by a treaty organization like ISO sees the achievement of Kantara's core ambitions with its open specifications.    


It won't last long however as my bag is already part-packed for Whitehall Media's IDM conference in London this coming Wednesday where I am speaking on the controversial topic of government IDM programmes. Kantara generally, and myself personally, have been exposed to a considerable range of them and we are constantly asked to 'contrast and compare' them as we see them from our global independent viewpoint.  I suspect there will be no shortage of controversy this time either (wink).  Not that I will be around long enough to hear it because a few hours after speaking I am 'on the road again' to Brussels to speak at EEMA's legendary ISSE conference in Brussels@Ubisecure 's @osantolalla has prepared a new video of the Consent Receipt in operation with Consentua's hypothetical 'paper cup shop' demo that I will show in my introductory orientation slides, and we are delighted to welcome @NixuTigerTeam 's @MartinSandren to share the podium together with @KantarNews staff Ruth Puente presenting the 2nd call for NGI_Trust grant funding.

The following weeks see me in Blackpool, DC and Montpelier Vermont.