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Like many other organizations, we wanted to position Kantara optimally in terms of GDPR compliance, and took the opportunity to review our Privacy Statement and clarify our lawful bases for processing personal information across our website pages. Internally we have reviewed where your personal data resides in our largely cloud based systems and took steps to minimize movement by processing it where it rests. Whether you are a member or non member participant there's no specific action you need to take, but we would be grateful if you could familiarize yourself with the revised Privacy Policy (now renamed Privacy Statement) and if you have any queries or comments please Contact us.    

Kantara was participating in a range of European conferences in May. First up was the Kuppinger Cole hosted European Identity & Cloud Conference in Munich with a combined Kantara AGM and members plenary on Monday May 14th. The AGM and member plenary was attended by around 15 members primarily from Europe but we had representaton from north America and Asia-Pac too.  Kantara's own pre-conference workshop the following morning Tuesday15th was exceptionally well attended. Each year the conference organizers give us a bigger room and each time we fill it. We may have had the largest crowd of any pre-conference workshop this year.