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SS said that as part of potential changes to the policy, we can take a proposal to ARB: Take out of each assessment what level of evidence was used, etc. more transparency when possible. CW confirmed that this is a policy decision to ARB. 

SS explained that Panels 2 and 3 are Identity evidence validation string table for the different levels and Verification of identity evidence at the different levels.

AH commented that presenting the spreadsheets forms as a traceability matrix, we can demonstrate coverage to 800-63-3 requirements. Others are making mappings to the requirements of 800-63-3. KI criteria has some traceable properties.


SS said that 63B was done for AL2. 63A and 63B SACs are ONLY at xAL2.

63B Only one panel, no sub-tables. Types of authenticators are reflected in groups below, there come blocks of applicable criteria that are mandatory.