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  • ISO/ITU-T: NISO SC27's meeting starts next week in Tampa FL, and we are fortunate to expect a number of Kantara members to attend to support and speak to our Liaison Statement to Working Group 5, Identity Management and Privacy 
  • Two further liaisons are in progress. More on those in coming months.

New Activities:

New Members:

  • ForgeRock upgrades to Trustee


  • Spotlights: If you would like your organization to be highlighted please contact the ED.


  • LC: The LC asks all WG/DGs leadership to fill out the new shorter version status reports.  Please return to LC@ mail list.
  • LC: Building from the leadership retreat the LC ask all WGs to update their charter to be aligned with the new draft "why" statement of Kantara.  Updates to charters are due in to LC by Sept 25.  See the Leadership Retreat Summary for more details.
  • Interns: The LC has draft text in the works to start seeking interns.  The LC believes Kantara Initiative has great opportunities for students interested in Identity, Trust, Privacy – and just Industry Standards Consortia in general. If you know a student who would be interested to participate contact the ED.


  • Event Planning Radar: An Event Radar page has been created to track events where Kantara should put its energy and resources toward participation.  Please note this page tactical and to be used to determine where we put our resources.  Members can add events for consideration of Kantara participation by editing the page (using their wiki credential) or contacting staff @ There is also a community calendar that lists group meetings as well as any, and all, events that touch the IdM/IAM spaces.  The community and meeting calendar is not tactical but informational.
  • Oct 14 - Workshop: Panels and discussions around Trusted IDX at the Smart Card Alliance on Oct 14.
  • Oct 15-16 User Centric ID Live: Various Kantara speakers.  ED speaking in regard to Drivers and Innovators of Identity Management.
  • Oct 28 - Workshop: Kantara Initiative has nearly locked in contract for a venue to host a workshop in the vicinity of RSA EU on October 28. Seeking organizations to partner to plan a collaborative event around the RSA EU event this year in Amsterdam - October 29-31.
  • Oct 31-Nov 1 - UMA IOP1: Hosted at MIT, sponsored by ForgeRock and others this ad-hoc event will test interop of UMA features in context of OAuth 2.0 and OIDC. More information
  • Nov 10-11 - Plenary: Planned for Nov 10-11 in the vicinity of IETF in Vancouver, BC.Where to start.. there are so many! Top of mind is the first project into the R&D CCICADA program: Lockstep Technologies Australia, with Mobile Device Attribute Verification (MDAV). Thanks to the folks who are preparing further project submissions. We look forward to them. 

New Members:

  • Kantara welcomes the Digital Transformation Office (DTO), Australian Government and Lockstep Technologies Pty Ltd. 


  • Virtual Management Inc, our new management company has a strong marketing and PR team that is preparing materials for our future events, such as a revised slide master, one page flyer, lapel pins. If you have ideas please contact the ED.

Work Group and Discussion Group Updates:

  • LC: Annual elections are complete and the new Officer line-up is Andrew Hughes (Chair), Mark Lizar (Vice Chair), Sal D'Agostino Many thanks to the outgoing team, Sal, Pete, and Mark. 
  • CIS WG: The MVCR spec is nearly complete and looking for resources to polish up the documentation and the website for launch.
  • UMA WG and UMA Dev WGs: For UMA WG: Extended use cases nicknamed "wide ecosystem". This is when Alice wants to share a resource with Bob, but her authorization server and his identity/claims provider have never met before. UMA legal subgroup, we are working in earnest on our first set of model clauses. For the UMA Dev WG, the group is working on a CCICADA white paper outline to fund an UMA test harness.
  • Events and Workshop Planning DG established, to co-ordinate the planning for events. Please sign on to this group.


  • Workshop & Event Planning DG (noted above): Is the main vehicle for building events.  
  • April 26-28 IIW: UMA, consent Receipt, CCICADA R&D all expected to be presenting/demonstrating.  Significant Kantara Board and WG Leaders turnout expected.
  • May 9th Workshop, EIC 2016, Munich: IdoT, OTTO, UMA and CIS WG leads, are speakers.  Closing comments by the acclaimed Andrea Servida, eIDAS legal task force. 
  • June 6th Workshop, CIS, New Orleans: OTTO, UMA, and other WGs on the slate to speak.