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Review latest SAC updates resulting from Antecedent Process discussions
  • RGW R. Wilsher suggests that the 800-63-2 related changes should be moved forward independent of anything that comes out of the new FICAM drafts
  • The material presented is an isolation of the SAC related to the Antecedent Process - so that they can be considered easily
  • SCO#10 - Secure remote communications - adjusted to de-reference the need for hardware crypto devices
  • SCO#16 - Verification of remote credential - clarified and moved into revocation criteria
  • IDV#10 - NEW - ID Proofing and Verification - CSP to describe verification measures and justify how they meet the requirement
  • CTR#025 - Authentication Protocols - broader references
  • CRM#60 - typo corrected 
  • Motion to include these changes into the current SAC version and put them out for 45 day public review: R. Wilsher. 
    • Seconded: RichR. Furr
    • Discussion: none
    • Motion carries