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Kantara Federation Interop Teleconference

Date and Time

  • Date: 1 July 27 June, 2013
  • Time: 13:00 PDT | 16:00 EDT | X UTC | 22:00 CEST


  • John Bradley, Ping Identity
  • Scott Cantor, Internet2
  • Rainer Hoerbe, Identinetics
  • Nate Klingenstein, Internet2
  • Colin Wallis, Internal Affairs, NZ Govt



  1. Administrative - roll call :  Minutes from May 2
  2. OAuth Profile & Testing
  3. SAML2INT updates Kantara
  4. OIX and other meta-data aggregator projects.
  5. AOB


1. Administrative

Approval of minutes from May 30th: Any revisions to those? Hearing no objections, Nate moved, minutes are adopted.

2. OAuth Profile & Testing

John: Did not make any progress, had discussion with US Govmt on restarting work on profile. There is still a plan having an OAuth Test at MIT just before next IETF meeting, but I am not sure that will work.

3. SAML2INT updates Kantara

Renewed interest in the saml2int profile from various places, like the IRB based on some theory for FICAM interop testing. Possibly for some product selection guideline for FICAM SPs.


John: It might make sense to annotate eGov to show what is required by saml2int. That is probably a step after we clean up saml2int. Let this put on the agenda for the next call.

4. Metadata Aggregator project

At refeds and other places we have been discussing the Account Chooser stuff to support IDP selection. The current status is that the OpenID foundation is looking into creating some metadata which can push information about trusted IDPs into Account Chooser without having to go into a user consent flow. The main concern is to avoid spam. Currently everybody can push information into Account Chooser, but the user has to agree. MS, Goolge and others want to out information for their own users into Account Chooser. It is still to be determined how to get IDPs on the naughty/nice list. Leif, where are we at with the refeds stuff for discovery?


John: In 2 weeks some people will be tied up with the cloud identity summit. We will discuss it on the list if we will have a meeting.

 5. AOB 


Next Meeting

  • Date: Thurs, June 14, 2013
  • Time: 13:00 PDT | 16:00 EDT | 22:00 CEST (Time Chart)
  • Dial-In: +1-218-862-7200
  • Code: