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titleWorking Draft

This page is a *Working Draft* subject to further revision and has not yet been approved by the Leadership Council.  

(1) WG NAME: (and any acronym or abbreviation of the name): The WG name, acronym and abbreviation must not include trademarks not owned by the Organization, or content that is infringing, harmful, or inappropriate.


  • J. Trent Adams, ISOC
  • Hasan Akram, Fraunhofer Institute of Secured Information Technology
  • Joe Andrieu (individual participant affiliated with SwitchBook)
  • Gerald Beuchelt (individual participant affiliated with MITRE)
  • Paul Bryan, Sun Microsystems
  • Andy Dale (individual participant affiliated with OCLC)
  • Iain Henderson (individual affiliated with Mydex CIC)
  • Hubert Le Van Gong, Sun Microsystems
  • Mark Lizar (individual affiliated with Identity Trust CIC)
  • Eve Maler, Sun Microsystems
  • Andrew Nash, PayPal
  • Drummond Reed, Information Card Foundation
  • Christian Scholz,
  • Paul Trevithick (individual participant affiliated with Azigo)
  • Robin Wilton (individual participant affiliated with Future Identity)




July 15, 2009

The Leadership Council ratifies this charter for operation.