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  • UMA F2F 2010-11-01

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Thomas offered to be the notes-taker for for most of the day.

New AI summary

Alan: Write up backup service/copy service use case, with reference to requester delegate scenario.
George: Write up "problem B" as a user experience description that can be turned into a user story.
Eve: Put the public-private continuum language and diagram into the Lexicon.
@@More TBS - figure out how to get all new user stories into place


Other updates from the wider UMA world


UMA for newbies

We reviewed the UMA entities, basic lexicon, trust a token/get a token/use a token protocol flow, the spec module diagram, and trusted claims (which Eve suggested should layer on top of the core protocol as an extension). There are many ways for Alice to provision knowledge of the resource to the requesting party. If the latter is Bob, for example, she can email the resource URL to him, hand him a business card with the
resource location printed on it, or publish information about it openly on her blog. Information cards and discovery services could also be employed.

User stories: add, review, prioritize, decide